About me

I really dislike the notion of “About,” and my previous “About” effort makes me feel all kinds of queasy. Secondly, I totally get why “About” is useful. I totally totally get it. I always read the “Abouts” of other people, and I find them quite interesting.

Probably the most important thing to know about this blog

is that it contains multitudes. Take a look through the archives ... It’s all over the place. Blog-writing how-tos always begin with something like: “Choose a topic!” Or, “focus on a theme!” Well, I don’t.

Regarding myself

I work at Cooper, an interaction design company in San Francisco, California. What is interaction design? Even after doing it for 10 years, I still have a hard time explaining it. Maybe that’s a sign. Anyway, when someone asks me what I do, I usually say, “I design the user interfaces, basically any electronic device or screen that responds to a person’s actions” and then my lovely wife will helpfully offer, “He’s an interaction designer,” and surprisingly more and more people understand this.

Other things

  • I live in California, and I don’t own a car. It is possible, and I’m excited for the year 2025, when I’ll be able to ride my bike from the East Bay to San Francisco.
  • I’m not always a hater of cars. In fact, I love driving. Behind the wheel, I become everything I hate about “caged motorists,” as my motorcycle safety instructor called them. I curse slow-moving pedestrians and clueless cyclists — because honestly more of them need to pay attention.
  • I was an English major, and I have a job — for the moment anyway. So perhaps I’m the exception that proves the rule. To my fellow English majors: Not sure how this happened. But apparently it’s possible.
  • I hiked most of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2001. It’s a trail that runs from the US-Mexico border to the US-Canada border, through California, Oregon and Washington, and in retrospect it was a non-stop blast, except of course when it was so painful that I wanted to cry or quit or both. The day after I flew home, planes crashed into the World Trade Center.
  • I am a runner. If I don’t run for two days in a row, I get a little angry, crazy, antsy, irritable, and generally a pain in the ass to be around. So it’s better, you know, if I just get my run in.
  • Myers-Briggs: INTP (ca. 1995) -> INTJ (ca. 2010). In my old age, I’ve become more judgmental. Rightly so! Also: Get off my lawn!
  • Star sign: Leo. Gregarious, charming, the center of attention? Lol. Yeah. No.
  • Chinese Zodiac sign: Rat. For your consideration: A list of “famous rats” from a Chinese astrology site. Included: Marlon Brando. Mozart. Plato. Sounds about right.

I wrote this in 2003, when I joined Friendster. It’s mostly still true.

I like sleeping in, getting up early, throwing things, eating Asian pears, drinking beer out of bottles, and swimming. Late-night swimming is the best. I like writing letters, and drawing letters. I ride my bike everywhere. I like making things, I think in words, I learn by doing, and I surround myself with puzzles and projects, nearly all of which are not done and may never be done.

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need to ask you how much you’d cost to recreate your london kerning map into two other cities, like Beirut and Cairo or Dubai and Abu Dhabi... (middle eastern cities).

Dude, i work for Leo Burnett Dubai — but we ain’t loaded, so please don’t think we’ve got money coming out of our ears.

Can’t wait to hear from you